Anna Noël
Français, Anglais, Allemand, Suédois
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Anna Noël joined the law firm RIEDO MONFERINI DARIOLI & NOËL in 2010. Her main area of practice is domestic and international arbitration. She has acted as arbitrator or administrative secretary in numerous arbitration proceedings, administered under the auspices of various institutions (ICC, Swiss chambers’ arbitration institution, ICSID) or ad hoc (including UNCITRAL rules). Various procedural and substantive laws, including Swiss, French, Swedish and Turkish, govern these proceedings. Her areas of specialisation comprise sales, licensing, distribution, and construction, as well as investment disputes in the energy and telecommunications sectors.

Anna Noël also specialises in private and public construction law as well as in public procurement law. She regularly advises and represents clients before state courts and arbitral tribunals.

Holding dual Swedish and Swiss nationality, Anna Noël advises Swedish private persons and companies with a link to Switzerland or vice-versa. She negotiates agreements, including settlement agreements, and practises litigation and arbitration. If jurisdiction is outside Switzerland, including Sweden, she acts as intermediary in order to fully introduce the clients to law firms with a similar client focus attitude.

Anna Noël’s interest in human rights leads her to defend victims in criminal proceedings.

Besides practising litigation and arbitration, Anna Noël lectures at the University of Turin/ITC-ILO (International Trade Law – arbitration and dispute settlement). She is also lecturing Swiss administrative law at Unidistance. The lectures include private and public construction law as well as public procurement law.

Before joining RIEDO MONFERINI & NOËL, Anna Noël worked as associate to Professor Pierre Tercier, where she handled complex arbitration cases (2007-2010). She has worked as law clerk at the Supreme Court of the Canton of Fribourg (2005-2007) and has been a lecturer at the Department for European Law at the University of Fribourg (2006-2008). While working on her doctoral thesis, she was research assistant to Professor Jean-Baptiste Zufferey (1999-2001).

Selected publications
Specific Procedural Rules in Utopia in Hammoud/von Wunschheim/Zen-Ruffinen (eds), Concerto arbitral en trois mouvements pour Pierre Tercier, Schulthess (Geneva), 2013
La transformation de l’espace routier urbain in RFJ 2011/1
Les antennes de téléphonie mobile et les droits de l'Homme : décision sur la recevabilité de la Cour européenne des droits de l'Homme du 17 janvier 2006 (requête n° 42756/02) in BR/DC (Zurich), n° 4, 2007
Standardizing individual environmental protection as a human right, thèse de doctorat: Schulthess (Zurich), 2004