Nicolas Kolly
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With a dual vocational training system experience, Nicolas Kolly completed a professional baccalaureate in 2009, and a Federal Vocational Baccalaureate in 2010 prior to attending law school at the University of Fribourg. He obtained the Master in Law with Magister Utirusque Iuris honours, graduating magna cum laude. He subsequently undertook the law internship at the Riedo Monferini Darioli & Noël law firm in Fribourg and was admitted at the bar in 2017.

Nicolas Kolly continued his studies in criminal law and obtained a Certificate of advanced Studies in criminal magistracy in 2016.

Nicolas Kolly officiates as Military Militia Training Judge with the rank of Captain. In the past and always at the military level, Nicolas Kolly has served with the Pontifical Swiss Guard in Rome for more than 2 years.

Mr. Nicolas Kolly is also active in politics and has been a member of the Canton of Fribourg Grand Council since 2011. He has chaired the Justice Commission of the Grand Conseil Fribourg since 2017. He also chairs the Financial Commission of his commune of residence, Le Mouret. Mr. Nicolas Kolly is also active in various associations and board of trustees.

With his varied professional, political and military backgrounds, Mr. Nicolas Kolly focuses on defending his clients' interests towards pragmatic and effective solutions.

He is a general practitioner.

His favorite fields are:

  • criminal law
  • administrative law
  • construction, real estate and land use law
  • agricultural and equine law
  • debt collection and bankruptcy law
  • tenancy law
  • labor law
  • family law