Séverine Monferini Nuoffer
Français, Allemand, Italien
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Séverine Monferini Nuoffer has practised at the Bar since 2004 when she founded her own law firm. Currently, she is a practising attorney at law at the law firm RIEDO MONFERINI DARIOLI & NOËL.

She focuses on tort law (including the medical domain), traffic law, social and health insurance law (disability insurance, accident insurance, occupational insurance, etc.) and private insurance law (insurance for loss of earnings due to sickness, life insurance, tort insurance, property insurance, etc.) and handles numerous cases in these areas. She also has important experience in family law, criminal law and contract law, in particular labour law, as well as neighbourhood law.

She is client focused, but carries out her mandates rapidly and precisely. She advises our clients, negotiates agreements, including settlement agreements, and represents our private or company clients before the Swiss courts.

In addition to her litigation work, she sits as a supplementary judge at the Supreme Court of the Canton of Fribourg since 2008 (in particular at the Court of social insurance and the Appellate Criminal Court).

She is a Trustee and member of associations including the Lions Club.

Before joining RIEDO MONFERINI DARIOLI & NOËL, Séverine Monferini Nuoffer took her law degree at the University of Fribourg (1986-1990) and trained for the bar at the law firm of René Monferini in Fribourg (1990-1992). She worked as research assistant to Professor Pierre Tercier at the Department for private law at the University of Fribourg (1993-1994) and was admitted to the Fribourg bar in 1996. Between 1996 and 2003, she worked as associate at the law firm of René Monferini (1996-1999) and at the law firm of Hauser, Joller and Meyer in Fribourg (1999-2003). She then worked as a lawyer in the Department of Finance in the canton of Fribourg (2003-2004), where she handled cases and rendered decisions in the area of transfer tax law, including exemption decisions, which gave her experience in tax law.

Selected publications
Cours de droit général au Collège Gambach de Fribourg (remplacement de Me Alain Gautschi actuellement Président du Tribunal pénal de la Sarine ; 2007)
Participation comme intervenante à un séminaire organisé par le Professeur Franz Werro pour les étudiants de la Faculté de droit de l’université de Fribourg (cas de responsabilité civile ; 1997)
Pierre Tercier, L’indemnisation des frais d’avocat et l’assurance de protection juridique, in JLCR 1994
Pierre Tercier, Introduction au droit privé de la construction, Fribourg 1994 (avec d’autres assistants)
Pierre Tercier, Les contrats spéciaux, 2e éd., Zurich 1995 (avec d’autres assistants)